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Oneida Caboose restoration work 3

The top picture is part of the large scan, the picture below it is from the microscope. The green lettering is (a picture of) the vector letters I made from those images.
The images are grainy, so that's what I thought was right; but then I found more information. I was given a group of pictures (copies of pictures) for the inside of the caboose. The pictures included some of other parts; like the wheel trucks, the battery, and the end of the caboose. In these pictures I found clearer images of some of the lettering that's on the side of the caboose. Most of the angles are skewed, but there is great additional information there. That's what you see in the two images below.
Based on those two images, I decided that the lettering should be a little thicker in the stroke, so I changed the vectors. That's what you see below. The blue green is the newest one. I'll be making a page with vectors on it, this will be there.
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