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1944 Mack Firetruck page 3

These pictures are of an old Mack firetruck that was used in the Seymour Christmas parade. They were taken the day the truck was sold; it is now being restored in the Midwest. I'm putting the pictures on three separate pages so that dial up users won't have to wait for so many to load at the same time. All rights reserved.
They really didn't hold back when adding style to this truck design. Look at the body trim/molding that runs along the side, and ends near the front of the door. The pictures speak for themselves, I'm adding the following words for the sake of searches: Mack truck hood ornament picture 4 angles, Mack firetruck bumper picture, firetruck bumper picture, firetruck axle picture, Mack firetruck perspective picture, firetruck door picture.

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