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Rat Rod Truck as Advertising

“Business before pleasure”; right? Even though that's the wise old saying, there is occasionally an exception. Advertising your company name on your old truck is one of those exceptions. I got a call from Jason in Kentucky, owner of
Paramount Lawn Care and Landscaping,
(859) 494-0759
about lettering his 1954 Chevy Truck. He sent me an email of how his newer truck looks, so I made a paper pattern from that picture.
1954 Chevrolet Truck1954 Chevrolet Truck
Company LogoCompany Logo
Then I painted the logo on the door of this 1954 Chevy truck. The final picture was taken at night, minutes after finishing; so it's hard to tell that the word Paramount is dark green, but it is. From what I understand, this truck isn't a chore to drive; it's sitting on an S-10 Frame with a 4.4 engine. And check out the wheels.
With a truck that looks this nice, your advertising has a captive audience!
Rat Rod style logoRat Rod style logo