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Oneida &Western Caboose restoration work 2

My mother occasionally would tell us “Do the hardest part of a job first”. So it is, that I'm starting with this small stencil lettering in the upper left part of the caboose. I have done lettering very similar to this on a Norfolk and Southern boxcar, so the first thing I did was compare that lettering . It's in the top picture.
Lettering from boxcarLettering from boxcar
What you see here is a raster image, so you can't work with the individual letters. When I'm doing this work, I use vector files, and can do more. So I took the letters for the word TITLE and placed them over the scanned picture from the negative. It was too grainy for me to tell how similar the above letters were.
original 1original 1
So I reasoned that if the lettering in Restoration #1 was accurate, it would have similar proportions in regards to the entire text; that is, if each letter was of the same width, then the length of the text lines would be similar. So I drew an orange vector line around the text in the scanned image, then moved it over the picture from Restoration #2. That's what you see below. The line of copy that ends with”TRUSTEE” is obviously longer, but this could be attributed to letter spacing. The lines of copy also have more vertical space in the original, but that's irrelevant to what I'm doing here. The orange line tells me that the letters are very similar in width.
From restoration #1From restoration #1
So I put the same word “TITLE” over the picture from Restoration #1, and see that the letters are too narrow. I also know that at least the M is different, look at the middle of it. So it appears that I might be making these letters one at a time, in a vector editing process. I figured that buying the actual stencil letters from a store might help a little, so I went to 4 stores, but none had them. They had 2 inch, of a different proportion, but I might as well work with what I have. I have something like 600 fonts on my computer, but none will be close enough, so I ASSUMED incorrectly that the font wouldn't be available elsewhere. Wrong thought. I could have saved myself some driving had I first looked online. What I quickly found was a font called Phantom Stencil, from the site below:,2691,phantom-stencil.html

This font is just about a perfect fit. I did have to change a few of the letters, they are pictured below. I'll make them available as a vector file later.
I changed theseI changed these
So, after lots of fitting and adjusting, this is what I came up with:
Ready for paintingReady for painting
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