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Generator taken out

This company is restoring the switcherThis company is restoring the switcher
Switching equipment around is fairly common at KLW, but the other day they moved some boxcars and equipment that let me get sevaral pictures I've been wnating to get for years. At that time I was also able to get a picture of the old switcher from the side. The body has been removed where the generator sits. This will give you an idea where it is on one of these locomotives; between the cab and the prime mover. Most locomotives are actually called Diesel-electric locomotives; because the Diesel engine powers a large generator, which then powers an electric motor on each axle.
From the sideFrom the side
Here's a picture of Richard attaching the crane to the generator, followed by a better picture of it. This generator isn't big as far as locomotive generators goes, but it still has a bit of weight. The semi truck driver said some drivers would put three of these on a trailer, but he would only put two on, because of the weight.
Heavy MetalHeavy Metal
High VoltageHigh Voltage
Here's a picture of the V6 engine. It was taken without a flash, then lightened up, so the colors are strange, but youy can see the size and shape of it.
Diesel motorDiesel motor