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More work, Thursday March 7 2013

There were several guys from the East Tn Railcar crew working on the switcher Thursday. They had to fix a stripped mounting hole for the generator. This involved filling the existing hole with weld, then drilling this big 1.25 inch hole, and finally, threading it. Aterwards, they cleaned the area again, and primered it. I moved when taking the picture, so it's not so good.
New bolt holeNew bolt hole
Generator mounting areaGenerator mounting area
Welding on cabWelding on cab
Sanding bodySanding body
They were also welding on the body of the cab, and sanding the body that goes around the generator room. One of the guys pointed out previous work; it's in the two pictures below. The entire step area was rebuilt, and part of the "pilot" had a new plate welded on. The pilot is the big flat plate on the ends of the locomotive. The yellow steps have a factory primer that color on them.
Locomotive stepsLocomotive steps
Pilot RepairPilot Repair