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B.R. switcher page 4

On this page I'll pick up where I left off at the end of page 2, talking about the white stripes. The first picture is of the cab end, while it's masked off. Between aligning with the stripes on the pilot, and working around window frames, door hinges and latches, this was a lot of work. The paper is white, and the customer requested that the sand boxes be left black.
By the time I got to the other end on the locomotive, (front; motor and generator housing) I realized that the laser lines weren't helping much at all. In the second picture, you can see a square-ish magnet that I've attached to the pilot, above the coupler. There is a piece of paper behind the magnet, to prevent scratches. This magnet stayed in place well enough for me to rest a long straight edge on it, which I used to layout the lines. This older method ended up being faster.
Ready to paintReady to paint
Magnet at cornerMagnet at corner